Success Stories

My daughter is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and since the time I.e. 2016 we got her the treatment from Sadguru Pranic Healing center ( Anupam Nagar) she has demonstrated a tremendous improvement in terms of mental and physical health, She is able to stand erect, walk some distance independently, emotionally she is tremendously improved, instead of studying in disabled kids school she goes to the normal school, she is currently studying in 10th Standard at Gurunanak High School, Rambagh. earlier Pediatrician Orthopedic doctor had strictly suggested her to walk only with splints without which her bone (from leg to foot) could be bent and as a result they might have to operate so because of the splits her skin had developed severe itching problem and it started to spoil due to the allergy problem but after she joined Sadguru Pranic Healing she left wearing splits within couple of months which is like a miracle. Infact Sadguru Pranic Healing has transformed me and my wife also emotionally and mentally due to which there is a peaceful atmosphere in our entire family life. My Dad was advised to get operated for gall bladder stone but after the Pranic Healing treatment his stone issue has also got resolved which is again nothing less than a miracle. We feel blessed and grateful to Sadguru Pranic Healing Center
Samarjeet Singh Arora
Business Man